Sunday, 5 May 2013

Our home away from home

Easily one of the most important bits of kit we have on our 630 mile adventure - our tent!
This affordable beauty from Wild Country/Terra Nova has proven to be a robust, spacious and most importantly lightweight tent that we're really happy to be using on such a challenging trek.

 As you can see it's pretty spacious inside - even for 2 Fat Lads and their huge 88l rucksacks. The large separate porch area makes the sleeping area not feel cramped.

All of this fits into quite a surprising small volume, easily small enough to fit into our 88l rucksacks without causing any space problems for other items. The best part is how lightweight it is - 3.1kg. We decided that for us, with the weather and ground quality being unpredictable, to also go for the separate ground sheet to keep everything in the porch nice and dry.

Check out the tent directly from Terra Nova using this link:

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